Annie Sloane Paint Chart



Annie Sloan chalk paint has a soft velvety matt finish and is very versatile. This allows me to be creative and unique in my designs.

The paint works well on many different types of furniture and can be finished off with a gloss, wax or matt finish.


Annie Sloan's paints are very user and family friendly being low odour and water based. They are non toxic and low VOC and these paints have not been tested on animals. So when I am using them you can feel comfortable about your choice of paint.

The chalk paint requires sealing to prolong it. I will either use Annie Sloan wax or another favourite of mine is Polyvine varnish. This is water based and user friendly. There are several options of finish from matt to a sheen or wax.


Care and maintenance of chalk painted furniture, waxed or varnished.

Your furniture will have been sealed, this will be water resistant and stain resistant but NOT water proof and stain proof. You must immediately wipe any spills with a dry cloth and not allow liquids to sit on the surface.

Treat your furniture with great care. It is not coated in heat resistant or water resistant plastic.

Once the wax has cured it can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth and then immediately dried, do not rub.

Hot cups and pots will leave a mark please use coasters and placemats to prevent this. Acid substances such as vinegar, fruit juice and wine will also cause marks and stains.

Sometimes if you damage your furniture this can be repaired with a slight sand or touch up and then re-application of wax.

Annie sloan recommends that a family table is re waxed every 2 weeks to 6 months to keep up protection and reseal it, this can be bought from Annie sloan stockists or online.

Wax will soak into the wood, keeping the wood hydrated and the colour sharp. If it does not get re-waxed, it will eventually become porous and possibly start to crack.

It is not advisable to use plastic or oil tablecloths on tables for long periods as it may become damp underneath and effect the wax finish, the wood needs to breathe. Extremes changes of temperature should be avoided for the first few months until your furniture has settled in.

Your furniture has been designed to be rustic and unique it will not be perfect. I wish to emphasis that this is inherent to the design and allows furniture to be reclaimed, reloved and revamped. Your furniture will be full of character and uniqueness.

Welcome to your new furniture and I hope you enjoy having something uniquely designed for you.